Tantra is a spiritual path based on the direct mystical experience of life in its entirety, using the senses, mind and spirit to discover the divine spark within the human being. Tantra is the art of life, becoming aware and embracing all its aspects, unveiling the sacred in the profane, connecting the heavens with the earth, expanding from finite to infinite, honouring and adoring the eternal creation and its creator.

The Esoteric Tantra Yoga Course systematically reveals the mysteries of the highly efficient and sacred ancient tantric teachings. Being translated into our modern lifestyle and supported by contemporary science, the Intensive Tantra Course makes the rich knowledge and life-changing methods of tantra accessible to everyone.

This Course offers you:

  • Weekly 2 hour classes with theory and practice
  • Highly efficient and practical tantric methods and exercises
  • Profound journey through the chakras leading to self-knowledge
  • In-depth knowledge about the fundamental principles of the universe
  • Exceptional initiations into the art of meditation, yoga and tantra
  • Detailed printed course materials for each class
  • Certified teachers with a minimum of 5 years of experience

You will learn how to:

  • Turn your everyday experiences into profound realisations
  • Discover the hidden dimensions of your own being
  • Live every moment with intensity, lucid awareness and detachment
  • Abandon completely and consciously to the intelligent flow of life
  • Let life itself become a continuous and joyous lesson
  • Master your erotic energy and speed up your spiritual growth
  • Focus your awareness, concentrate and meditate