Yoga Beyond Mat

Extend your wellness outside the yoga class, in your every day life! In this workshop we learn how to apply simple yet effective techniques that allow us to be relaxed, happy and in control in any life circumstance.

Yoga Together

Let’s practice yoga as a group. We obtain results faster and we share the joy of connection. We will practice mandala asana and other group techniques.    

Esoteric Journey Through The Chakras

Explore the inner dimensions of your being! Discover how to unleash your true potential! Enjoy the freedom of the new you! In this workshop we will introduce you to the chakra system through practical exercises combined with an unique approach revealed by the ancient...


Kaya is a passionate yoga teacher who has practised yoga for 27 years. She has discovered that, just as darkness is dispelled best by switching a light on, ignorance and unhappiness can be switched off and vanish when you focus on deepening positive resonances with...