ANANDA Academy of Integral Esoteric Yoga – Netherlands

Our Integral Esoteric Yoga course gradually guides you from zero into the fascinating realms of self-discovery. But even as an experienced Yogi you will find a new depth of practice and knowledge, based on connections between science and spirituality.

Our courses are based on the most comprehensive and integrative Yoga system, academically compiled and structured, offering a yearly 46 weeks curriculum including extensive course notes.

Our experienced and certified teachers are personally there for you week by week, helping you to deepen an authentic spiritual path and its whole spectrum of efficient yogic methods and techniques that can be applied in your day to day life, improving all areas of your life.

“One sows a thought and reaps an action. One sows an action and reaps a habit. One sows a habit and reaps a character.
One sows a character and reaps a destiny
Swami Shivanda

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