About Us

Kaya is a passionate yoga teacher who has practiced yoga for 27 years . She has discovered that, just as darkness is dispelled best by switching a light on, ignorance and unhappiness can be switched off and vanish when you focus on deepening positive resonances with universal values such as: tolerance, compassion, love, humbleness, happiness, wisdom. These resonances helped her greatly in her spiritual journey towards becoming an accomplished yogini by removing the limitations of ego. She is very keen to share her experience with us in Ananda. Let’s share unforgettable steps on the spiritual path!

Ananda Academy of Esoteric Integral Yoga Netherland is affiliated to ATMAN Yoga Federation and Kaya graduated the Yoga Teacher Training Course in Denmark.

The core courses are structured like university courses with knowledge and practice delivered on a weekly basis, in modules where each class builds on previous lessons.

People often ask us, ‘How long is the course?’ Well, we see personal evolution as a continuous process, so our courses literally continue as long as you wish to keep learning! Some of our students find what they came for after a few months, while many attend classes for years. Every week a brand-new lesson is offered, together with tools and practices that allow this ever-expanding knowledge to be integrated into daily life.

Alongside our courses, we run regular workshops, talks and other events. These can be treated as stand-alone experiences, or as ways to enrich the knowledge already offered on the courses. We also run two retreats a year, where we immerse ourselves in yoga and tantra for a full week away from the bustle of the city.